Otto Rosing and Torben Bech directed Greenland's first international Feature film "Nuummioq".
The title means "someone from Nuuk". The film takes place in Greenland’s capital city, on the northern edge of our planet, the Inuit Arctic.

”Nuummioq tells the story of a young man’s odyssey from mundane existence into an acute sense of the sacred. Like most regular guys in the tiny capital city, Malik works, cavorts with buddies, and fools around—toggling between Danish and Greenlandic languages. All at once, when he discovers he’s very ill, mortality intrudes. Keeping the news to himself, Malik accompanies his cousin on a boat trip. What begins as an unremarkable outing becomes a transcendent journey at the edge of the world as he grapples with his elusive past and tunes into the present. So breathtaking and luminous is Nuummioq’s landscape that you can almost feel the brisk air oxygenating your lungs. The tender play of shadow and light on the characters’ faces seems to suggest that we're only a flicker in nature’s vast radiance; but during our short time here, there’s family, tradition, and maybe even love.”

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“Greenland's Nuummioq a stunning triumph”

New York Times
“The first feature from Greenland is a lively gem”

“A pleasure to behold”

The Hollywood Reporter
"Nuummioq" is a startlingly accomplished piece of filmmaking .... Showing amazing restraint for first-time directors”


It is December 30th and Miki has half a ton of stolen fireworks to sell before New Year’s Eve. He didn't even steal it in the first place, he came to Nuuk to become a priest, not a criminal. But that is small stuff compared to the fact that Mona, the love of his life, is not quite over Joorut who, incidentally is not happy to wait for the cut that was promised to him by Kunuk, Mikis cousin. But Kunuk is in jail for something else, so Miki is alone in a new place with no friends and has no idea whom to trust. And the clock is ticking.
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ANDALA - In development

Little Andala is an 8 years old boy, with an entrepreneurial approach to life and its wonders. We follow him and his friends in colorful South Greenland.

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TØ - THAW - In development

A new movie from the director duo Torben Bech & Otto Rosing
Expected shooting 2019.

“He was told that his mother left him and Greenland, to live with a lover in Canada. That was 30 years ago. But now she is found dead, perfectly preserved in the icecap. Marius, her firstborn, and a troubled loner had always hoped to meet her again. He sets out to unravel the horrible family secret, and finds strong connections between present and past events.”

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KAREN - In development

The film is based on the true story of the young nurse Karen Roos, who arrives at the settlement Angmassalik (Tasiilaq) in 1932. She works hard and diligently, while she gets involved in the community. During a sled journey to the last shaman, Karen's faith is sealed, as she becomes pregnant with the local pastor. Karen's life ends at the edge of the ice, a silent winter night when she throws herself into the water. It is a story of impossible love on the outpost of the planet.
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